Friday, January 11, 2013

Resolutions? Not for THIS Girl!!

2013 just arrived and I'm taking a new approach.  NO more resolutions!!  No way, no how!  I don't know anyone who has ever kept their New Year's resolutions so I'm not doing it either.  Actually there is a good reason for my outspoken offense about this annual tradition - I believe in Intentions.

For the past several years, the power of intention and positive thought has been a subject of interest to me.  I believe in it "faith".  Pure, unadulterated, let go and let be FAITH.  The sheer strength of the power of faith has manifest itself over and over again in my life, more recently than I remember from my earlier years.  Perhaps this is because my altruistic belief in my own invincibility has waned somewhat with age and experience.  I've been forced to turn to a higher power and have faith that there is someone or something more powerful than me that loves me enough to create the exact experience I am meant to have during this lifetime.  The concept blows the mind. 

Looking back over the last two years I can see events that came into my life creating exquisite pain, turmoil and self-doubt.  Out of those events bloomed opportunity and the knowledge of self ability and worth.  Specifically, a story generated in my head one summer during the deep, dark star-filled nights which was discovered and now slated to become a feature film.  It never would have happened had I not lost everything I had hoped for, subsequently turning my life course in a different direction entirely.  At that moment when I felt the most despair at the prospects facing me, I opened my soul to whatever my higher power had waiting for me.  That moment of abandonment, the instant when there is no plan and life is turned over to the outstretched hands of God waiting to accept everything, is the moment of Faith. 

Letting go and letting God.

Resolutions are self-controlled, self-driven projects that occasionally produce our limited ideas of what success is meant to look like.  However, I propose that the power of Intention (asking for that which is wanted from the deepest places within our hearts - then letting go of the outcome, knowing what is exactly perfect for us will be given) brings true success and immense accomplishment, joy and peace.  This is my intention - along with a few specific tangible "wants", like the film production and the release of my second book.  Ultimately, I know whatever is exactly perfect for me will be mine in 2013 if I simply let go and believe...have Faith.

And so, my 2013 will exist with Intention -

Happiest New Year!