Friday, August 27, 2010

There are Good People Out There...Really!

Tonight I sat in the South Towne Mall and spent four hours talking to complete strangers. Anyone who knows me understands how difficult that whole process is for me. But, I'm so glad I did. There are some amazing people walking this planet! Each person's story was very different than the other, each sharing personal trials, victories and hopes for their future.

Particularly amazing is this fan who showed up, taking photos and supporting my dream.

Thank you!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Motivated and It's NOT Too Hot Outside

I just spent the last few minutes looking at my daughter-in-law's new blog and I was so impressed by her writing, posting and the general look of it...that I decided to post on my own. So, I'm now sitting outside in the tepid evening air watching my grandson, Boone eat the sand in his new sandbox and holler "'Mon...C'mon" as he pulls my hand and leads me to the new sandbox.

It's a great night and I'm content, looking forward to a waning full moon and the chance to write about a pirate in the Caribbean in 1722.

I think this is as good as it gets!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Red Sky at Night...a Sailor's Delight

I intended to blog tonight, particularly after viewing the sunset here just an hour ago, but I'm exhausted so this will be short. Still, I can't forget the ethereal sight I witnessed in the sky tonight. What an amazing array of salmon-drenched light peaking through slate billowy clouds! I had to take photos and plan to write that sunset into the sequel somewhere. Kathryn must experience that sunset on the sea some evening, don't you think?

God really knows how to paint the sky doesn't he?

Have a great week! I probably won't write again until after the wedding Saturday. If you have a chance, run by any Salt Lake City library (or the county library, although they haven't ordered books yet to my knowledge) and check out your copy of Midnight Omen Deja vu. Better yet, drop by Eborn Books in the Southtowne Mall or Frost's Books in Sugarhouse and pick up your own copy!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Comfort Chaos

Several of the sites I write on (ie: Blog) feel more open to a general public review. For whatever reason, this blog feels different...somehow more personal. I have posted the blog below on several sites tonight but felt that I wanted to make it a little more meaningful here. So here goes....

It's difficult to see a loved one leave. I have one son who just landed in the Middle East on his second deployment a few days ago. I have a daughter who will be someone's wife on Saturday. My baby leaves for college not long after that. In the middle of all of these plans, my daughter-in-law arrived with both children. What a wonderful reminder of the circle of life that surrounds us all. As some leave, others arrive. Yesterday's activities are stashed away as precious memories while todays events are relished. All of this blends together into one big chaotic series of experiences we call life. And so it was for me tonight....

My house has been chaotic for the past several weeks. Only six days remain until my daughter is married, five days remain until my son and his family arrive from Denver, four days remain until Wendy is here, three days until the last of the food preparation is planned, two days until I get to go to the gym and one day until work starts again. People are bustling and blowing through here like a torrential flurry of fall leaves on a blustery October evening. I'm not keeping up....but I'm loving it all.

Tonight, my grandson climbed onto my lap, laid his head in the crook of my arm and fell asleep. The chaos circlied us like sharks in a frenzy...but we stayed still, peaceful in the midst of it all as I rocked him to sleep. This moment was mine as I memorized his sweet slumbering face.

The moon just waned and chaos followed, as it should. There is bliss in this kind of chaos and I'm glad for it.

Have a very happy, chaotic week!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This evening, I was reminded by my very brilliant daughter-in-law that I needed to become a little more computer savvy and "post something!" What else would I write about except Barataria?

Barataria was an amazing adventure from the moment we boarded the plane (and Wendy had our stewardess convinced she needed to serve up free beverages to her and Sue), landed in St. Louis, found out my luggage was damaged (and Wendy charged to the service desk in her high heels to remedy the situation - something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime!), picked up our rented Cube, travelled south a generous 2 hrs beyond the pre-determined 3.5 hrs. to our destination, arrived in Springfield and then got lost....over and over and over we drove to Central Square where the Barataria Faire was held.

We were greeted warmly by crew and cast of the Faire and soon made to feel a part of this amazing group of people gathered to celebrate for the weekend. Song, dance and performance permeated the entire weekend, overshadowing the 100+ temperature and matching humidity. It wasn't long before (motorized fan - squirt bottle in hand) I found myself joining with pirates, faeries, gypsies and (did I say?) PIRATES in "makin' merry", as the scallywags were wont to say. Books were signed, contacts made and friendships created as I associated with the community of Springfield, Missouri. What an honor for me!

Thank you for your hospitality, warmth and wonderful memories from the Barataria Faire. Please take a peek at the photos posted on the Gallery from the Barataria Faire.

Brethrencon is next! (ready or not.....) September 18th in Aurora, Colorado.