Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This evening, I was reminded by my very brilliant daughter-in-law that I needed to become a little more computer savvy and "post something!" What else would I write about except Barataria?

Barataria was an amazing adventure from the moment we boarded the plane (and Wendy had our stewardess convinced she needed to serve up free beverages to her and Sue), landed in St. Louis, found out my luggage was damaged (and Wendy charged to the service desk in her high heels to remedy the situation - something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime!), picked up our rented Cube, travelled south a generous 2 hrs beyond the pre-determined 3.5 hrs. to our destination, arrived in Springfield and then got lost....over and over and over we drove to Central Square where the Barataria Faire was held.

We were greeted warmly by crew and cast of the Faire and soon made to feel a part of this amazing group of people gathered to celebrate for the weekend. Song, dance and performance permeated the entire weekend, overshadowing the 100+ temperature and matching humidity. It wasn't long before (motorized fan - squirt bottle in hand) I found myself joining with pirates, faeries, gypsies and (did I say?) PIRATES in "makin' merry", as the scallywags were wont to say. Books were signed, contacts made and friendships created as I associated with the community of Springfield, Missouri. What an honor for me!

Thank you for your hospitality, warmth and wonderful memories from the Barataria Faire. Please take a peek at the photos posted on the Gallery from the Barataria Faire.

Brethrencon is next! (ready or not.....) September 18th in Aurora, Colorado.

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