Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Red Sky at Night...a Sailor's Delight

I intended to blog tonight, particularly after viewing the sunset here just an hour ago, but I'm exhausted so this will be short. Still, I can't forget the ethereal sight I witnessed in the sky tonight. What an amazing array of salmon-drenched light peaking through slate billowy clouds! I had to take photos and plan to write that sunset into the sequel somewhere. Kathryn must experience that sunset on the sea some evening, don't you think?

God really knows how to paint the sky doesn't he?

Have a great week! I probably won't write again until after the wedding Saturday. If you have a chance, run by any Salt Lake City library (or the county library, although they haven't ordered books yet to my knowledge) and check out your copy of Midnight Omen Deja vu. Better yet, drop by Eborn Books in the Southtowne Mall or Frost's Books in Sugarhouse and pick up your own copy!


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