Saturday, September 11, 2010

9:30 am rolled around this morning and my emotions shifted. I was sitting comfortably in the floral sofa with the big soft pillows that I love to nestle into to write. Kathryn was dodging and weaving the slice of cutlasses, when all of the sudden everything stopped.

Where was I only nine years ago at this very moment?

I asked myself that question almost subconsciously, that's what 0930 on each September 11 has caused me to do for the past nine years.

Ahhh yes, sitting on the edge of my bed watching in horror as the second aircraft plunged into the still intact tower.

My stomach lurched in response as it does each time I replay the visual of that horrific moment.
Today as I drove home from Target, I noticed a red jeep decked out in five US flags, his reverence for this day unmistakeable. As I turned into my neighborhood, the guy across the street had decorated his yard in US flags of various sizes, showering his lawn in red-white-and-blue. It is important to me to show this same kind of rememberance on this day and so I pulled out the flag and stuck in in the planter, straightened the military star flag (there are two on mine) hanging in my window and sat down to write this message.

Remember, please remember those whose lives were lost on this fateful day nine years ago. Remember the valiant sacrifices made by the police, firefighters, civilians, neighbors and strangers...US citizens, my country, my family.
Thank you to those who serve our grand country now, those home and abroad. Thank you for sacrificing your time, comfort and memories with your own loved ones as you serve.

Today will be another Saturday, somber with significance. But as I go back outside to trim the summer's overgrown bushes, my grandson riding his big wheel oblivious to the significance of this day except he is aware of one thing...his daddy isn't here. He's serving in some foreign land because of what happened nine years ago.

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