Monday, March 18, 2013

Thoughts...Just Thoughts for a Monday

Today's began amazing!  The mist settled over the beaches and passed through the trees outside my balcony.  Tiny sparrows played hide-n-seek with a hummingbird just feet from where I sat with my feet wrapped in a blanket and book on my lap.  It was the perfect way to begin a new day.

Hours later, I still sat with a blanket wrapped around me even though the sun was out and the dog begged for another walk.  My joints ached and my head pounded.  Something was trying to invade every cell of my body and it was obvious I wasn't going anywhere except back to the soft chairs on the balcony with the blanket and book. 

I think it was meant to be though.....

Taking up my Nook, I decided to read Oprah's magazine and found three questions she had asked her staff that month.  The questions resonated with me.  I pondered them for quite a while.  These are amazing questions that breathe life into a typically mundane existence.  I am grateful that I was able to answer them and while I would be happy to do so (should anyone ask...), I would prefer to post them here for your benefit.  Take a minute and ponder these questions as they relate to your life, your week, your day.  Answer them and share, if that feels comfortable to do so on this blog.  I take joy in reading about others' accomplishments and triumphs, as do so many of you!

And so...the questions are this:

  1. What is my greatest accomplishment?
     2.  The most risky thing I've ever done is...?

     3.   If I had no fear, I would......?

Namaste ~


  1. What is my greatest accomplishment: Impressing my current boss by getting the HR of a baby in an ultrasound faster than her.

    The most risky thing I've ever done is: Tell the guy that I was in LOVE with that I had a crush on him... didnt work out, but I did it.

    If I had no fear, I would: Be more confident in every aspect of life. Take more chances and live life to the fullest.

  2. 1. Working on It Right Now.

    2. Too Many to Count....

    3. I would Fall in Love.