Thursday, June 17, 2010

A quiet night of reflection...

Musk and bamboo filled my senses as I walked through the door. Immediately below my feet a great oval with each symbol representing the Zodiac spread out to look like a vast welcoming mat, painted on tile. A tiny chime sounded to the right of me as I breathed in the peaceful expanse of this place.

Sitting next to the Koi fish lazily drifting in and out of reeds just inches away, I unveiled a secret.

"It doesn't matter really," are the only words with meaning this day. Life goes on and on and on. Who we share this part of ourselves with are brought to be with us for a reason. There are no coincidences. But what of those loved ones we feel deep in our soul, the ones we know should be with us always but are not? There are no accidents. Those we love from before this time are with us always and will be with us again, if not in this life, then in the next. Perhaps that loved one is waiting for us, for the next lifetime, the next reunion. We feel their presence, something familiar. That Deja vu moment that cannot be dismissed. And then the purest truth is felt as a new memory is discovered...the recognition of loved ones not forgotten. To not be with us in this very moment at this very time "...doesn't matter really" because he (or she) will be with us again, when it is time again. No coincidences, no accidents.

Sitting next to the Koi pond, my soul sister next to me, I am at peace.

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