Saturday, June 26, 2010

Home of the Brave Because of the Free

I cry everytime I hear the Star Spangled Banner played. It doesn't matter if the melody sounds over the loudspeaker before the local baseball game or whether it's played solemnly before a ceremony. The results are always the same.

Only seven days and I will be celebrating our nation's birthday traditionally with summer outdoor swimming, a rodeo and BBQ topped off with the traditional fireworks (thanks to Bruce Willis once again!). My family will be joining me as we caravan to Sun Valley, Idaho ready to recreate and celebrate together. I can hardly wait!

I wonder if those living on this continent 234 years ago dreamt of future days with celebration and BBQ's. Probably not. Their dreams were of freedom, family and founding a new country. Each step taken toward that precious goal of independence placed our forefathers at risk of meeting the hangman's noose. Yet still they moved forward until that day when the United States of America came into being.

Today as Americans, we face very real threats, domestic and abroad, to our same beloved United States. As we celebrate that great day of independence won more than two centuries ago, let us remember those brave men and women of our military forces who face no less a risk as those men and women living during the early 1770's. Let us honor them and those who served before by honoring our country, covering our heart as the Star Spangled Banner is played or even better, standing in respect as the flag is displayed. Let us raise our voices and join in proudly declaring our Pledge of Allegiance and joining in song as we proclaim, "...the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave".

Thank you to our soldiers for their loyal service and sacrifice to the preservation of that freedom won more than two hundred years ago!


  1. I'm the same way, and it seems the harder I try not to cry, the faster the tears come!

  2. Is there where I put my answer to the trivia question? Here is the correct answer...

    The navy was formed to stop pirates!!! Boo-yah!

    Andrea Mathis