Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And now...we return

Alas, our Sun Valley trip is over. Such a sad time, the end of that week, to have it end...such wonderful memories are created. I think each year it gets better, perhaps more polished as we "learn" how to vacation together, all fifty-five of us Melvilles.

It was the best having Rich and Brett there finally after so many years. Jeff and his family were absent, the vacancy felt by all. Maybe next year or in two when Jeff returns from this newest deployment. Abby was a new addition to the festivities, although she did not have the highest number on the T-shirts. (We are all issued T-shirts every year with a new logo on the front or back and our place in the family represented by a number displayed somewhere else on the shirt. The number represents the order in which we entered the family). I am number three. Tom is fifty-five which is the highest, although not for long as I learned we have two new babies arriving sometime this year.

Dad asked his daughters what our thoughts were post reunion. Mine are simply that it was THE BEST! Thanks again Mom & Dad for a wonderful trip! I am already anticipating next year.


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