Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ahhh - To Be Humbled By a Virus

It's been a battle for the past 48 hours. I surrender! There is no doubt that today I have some type of virus who has become the victor over my physical well-being.

Dinner was a fabulous turkey sandwich which Brett made for us both. Excellent! We were discussing languages and the "gift of tongues". He has that gift, something (after four full years of University studies in German) I cannot master. Our conversation lead into discussion of the written word, then merged to feeling an obligation to stay busy (my issue entirely as Brett is so laid back). I guess it took this conversation with my easy-going son for me to realize, it's okay to take it easy once-in-a-while, particularly on sick days.

So, the white flag is raised and I'm headed back to bed!

Happy Tuesday to you all!

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