Monday, September 6, 2010

Adieu to my baby girl ~

Brooke left yesterday for college and I find myself in a maelstrom of emotions. Tears welled up as we said our "goodbye and good luck" wishes, held each other and then let go. Let go...

I am learning to live the advice I have given my kids for so many years. Let go and let it be (yes, I grew up with the Beatles!). It's such a true, pure, "zen" way to live but the only way, I believe, we can find peace in the outcomes of life's adventures and allow what's meant to be. So, I am hesitantly turning from the "wave" just ridden, a magnificent ride, and turning to face the next one. What lies ahead? Another book (the sequel), travel, new available time to spend with Brett (he's in the photo behind Brooke) and my grandma Verna. So much to look forward to!
So Brooke...adieu! Have a wonderful life adventure away in another state, at college, with friends.

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