Saturday, September 4, 2010


9/4/2010 7:14:41 AM
Is there meaning behind our dreams and if so, what do our dreams really mean?
Last night I dreamt I was in Greece. I could see the clear turquoise water and smell fish and spices in the air. The people in my dream were very generous to me, feeding me unfamiliar flavors washed through tender meat and oil-laden vegetables. I ate and more food would be place before me, overwhelming really. Their culture was vibrant as I watched the woman tend to her man as we sat visiting while she scurried to and from the house with something always in her hand, always throwing out an after-thought as she left us. I moved to the edge of a patio and sat, dangling my feet in the clear sea water. The man stayed with me, still talking. Suddenly, a large shadow rushed to where I was in the water. Apparently I had stood up at some point because I was alone then, watching a great white shark as it rammed into the very spot I had been sitting. Then I awoke.

I have never been to Greece in this lifetime but interestingly, have always had a strong desire to go. The faces of those people elude me this morning. But the experience was real and I remember the smells, tastes and feeling of that place even now several hours after awakening.

The meaning of the dream may be relevant and something I will consider, meditate on at a later date. Right now, my focus is on the purpose of the experience of my dream. I have read from "experts" that occasionally, dreams of detail that include location, people and events creating an experience (not just an image we are viewing) as we dream are really the taste of past lives creeping into our consciousness. I am curious about the dreams of others and what their experience is as they dream. As I contemplate my own dream experience, clarity will come I am sure, clarity I will share here at some point.

I wonder, have I really been to Greece sometime before?

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